Living Willow Projects

Creating Outdoor Classrooms

One of the projects I love doing with children is creating living willow projects in their school grounds. It’s a great activity during the winter months, when cold and rainy days often enforce “wet playtime” – for which read, staying indoors during breaks. In our experience through forest school, children are happy to be out and about in any weather, providing they are suitably clothed….and they love to create something they’ve identified a need for and designed, adapting on the way if necessary.

  • Living willow domes
  • Tunnels
  • Wig-wams
  • Fedges

These builds provide great opportunities for collaborative work, maths, design and technology and problem solving, as well as wonderful opportunities to learn about gardening techniques and the life cycle of plants. The inherent pride that children feel in having designed and constructed such a structure is evident in their continued careful maintenance. Providing endless opportunities for play and exploration.

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