Wild Weaving

Wild Weaving Courses in Cheshire

At Schola Foris we pride ourselves on adding a small twist to the traditional weaving courses you may typically see online, one of the ways we do this is to include time to harvest you own materials which you can include within your weaving projects – ranging from dog wood to brambles, nettles, honey suckles and sometimes even nettles. This simple but unique aspect empowers you to go out and weave as and when you like, although we do often use types of willow, you don’t always have to buy willow in order to weave something beautiful – you just have to be a little creative and resourceful.

Our range of wild weaving courses run as part of wild workshop from Schola Foris, we run a workshops to suit and inspire everyone, teachers, students, children, practitioners, professionals and hobbyists can benefit from a number of areas of these workshops.

Taster Weaving Sessions

Strawberry ClimberDuring these family friendly taster weaving sessions we make items for you to play with, display in and out of your house and really want to get you having fun with your weaving materials whilst getting to grip with the basic principles of weaving. We can make:


  • Flowers
  • Hearts
  • Climbers
  • Bird Feeders
  • Seasonal Wreaths
  • Christmas Angels
  • Dragon Flies

Dates and courses to be announced…

Basket Weaving

Wild Basket Weaving in CheshireWe run two main basket weaving courses;

  • 1 day basket weaving ~ an introduction to basket weaving following the whole process from collection and processing of materials, including a number we will forage, to the creation of your own unique hand made basket, fit for whatever purpose you see fit.
  • 2 day basket weaving ~ on this course we will cover basket weaving techniques in depth as well as materials, uses and processing, each participant will make their own basket to take home.
  • Bee Skeps – make your own skep to house your bees as they would have been house in the past, trust me – they’ll thank you for it.

Basket weaving session in 2015:

dates to be announced

Weaving Animals and Sculptures

Animal and sculpture weaving takes the principles of basket weaving and gives them a whole new meaning, through these sessions you will be shown the basic techniques and principles utalised within weaving – this can then be put in to use, allowing you to create a unique, economical and beautiful piece of art. During this course you will typical have an object to make, but what’s more important to us is that you learn the techniques and principles involved so that you’ll continue to develop or pass on these skills independently.

Dates and courses to be announced…