Crafty Days

Outdoor Craft Events in Cheshire

We run a whole range of outdoor craft workshops for everyone from children to teenagers, adults, professionals, students and groups. What makes our sessions unique is that we use the art of foraging to harvest the materials to be used in these special sessions. We also aim to inform you and practically process these materials by hand using traditional and historical techniques. These two aspects lead to a truly grounding, enjoyable, fun, practical and thought provoking range of sessions.

Paper Making

Paper SamplesPaper is a thin material that finds its main uses in writing, drawing and wrapping. It’s typically produced by pressing together the moist cellulose fibre that can be found in a number of organic materials such as inner bark, leaves, grasses and even fungi. Our sessions allow you to understand fibre origins, how and when to harvest them, how to process them, how to pull a sheet and finally how to adorn a sheet during the pulling process. You will leave these sessions with greater knowledge of paper making, your own unique hand made sheets of paper and in some cases a deckle and mould so you can go on to make your own sheets of papers in your own leisure.

Paper Making sessions in 2015:

to be announced

Paint Making

Brazil wood Pigment Although many modern dyes are synthetic and mechanically produced, historically our ancestors managed to obtain a wide spectrum of colours from mineral and animal sources long before chemical equivalents were manufactured.
Dyes and pigments are words used loosely to describe colours in food, fabrics, paints, and other materials, but in reality their meanings are distinct. Dyes are coloured substances that change the colour of other materials permanently. They are soluble substances, though some become insoluble after they have been applied. They have a special affinity for the substrate they colour. In contrast, pigments are insoluble colour particles that require a binding agent to hold them onto the surface of the material being coloured.
Throughout these sessions you will learn some traditional ways of creating paints and some very modern and experimental ways of creating colour from leaves, fruits, roots, barks, seeds, wasp eggs, fungi and spores. Inspiring you to see everything as a source of colour and paint.

Paint Making Sessions in 2015:

To be announced