Wild Workshops

Wild Workshops and Outdoor Events in Cheshire

Schola Foris aims to give children, teenagers and adults the opportunity to play, exercise, learn, grow, laugh, share and reflect, as well as developing self-confidence, increase self-esteem and acquire or develop practical lifelong useful skills in an outdoor environment. Our Wild workshops aim to continue this ethos, allowing everyone involved to develop, grow and learn a whole array of new and exciting skills that can be used in every day life, at home or out in the wilds.

Wild Food Events in Cheshire

elderflowersOver the course of the year we will be holding Wild Food events that will investigate truly seasonal and wild plants, foods, recipes and outdoor cooking. Our aim is to get every participant to try at least one thing that they’ve never tried before and to allow each participant take some of our finds home with them. Our sessions will consist of, plant ID, food collection and harvesting and a truly wild cook up in our forest kitchen.

Clay Building Projects in Cheshire

Clay Oven with PizzaClay is everywhere, it’s a pest to modern builders but would have been one of the most important materials for builders of the past, it’s believed that oven 50% of the worlds population still live or work in buildings that include clay within it’s load bearing features. Clay’s great as it’s such a versatile material, it can be used to make the walls of a house, insulation for cooking and can even be fired to make pottery.

At Schola Foris we believe it’s important to utalise and value what the land can reasonably gift to us, and working with clay is just generally fun, be it family forest fun or as part of structured learning. Therefore we’ve put together a number of events utilising the properties of clay.

Outdoor Craft Events in Cheshire

Paper SamplesWe run a whole range of outdoor craft workshops for everyone from children to teenagers, adults, professionals, students and groups. What makes our sessions unique is that we use the art of foraging to harvest the materials to be used in these special sessions. We also aim to inform you and practically process these materials by hand using traditional and historical techniques. These two aspects lead to a truly grounding, enjoyable, fun, practical and thought provoking range of sessions.

These include:

Workshops to come:

  • Wild weaving
  • Paper Making
  • Paint Making
  • Spinning and Dying
  • Wild brewing
  • Wood Carving