Wild Food Week – reflecting

June 9, 2014

okay, I realise the wild food week was quite a while ago now but it’s definitely worth giving an update.. So the first 2 days seemed quite easy, and then I really struggled – I think it was because I was still working full time (which is typically 12 hour days) and didn’t have enough time to collect food. the fourth day was a little easier when I started drinking regular tea and coffee but I couldn’t carry on after the 5th as someone cooked my favorite cake haha – a carrot cake..

I had an interesting conversation with my brother – a personal trainer – about my nutritional intake and expenditure, I was mainly eating wild garlic, nettles, hog weed and ground elder – he informed me my body would be craving carbohydrates, which were quite difficult to come by. maybe I should have gone digging for reed-mace roots…

What’s been learned?

I’m definitely a stronger believer now that the key is in preparation, and actually there’s a lot to be said about simply adding wild food in to your regular daily food routines.

would I do it again?

No, I’m more interested now in finding different ways to incorporate wild food in to our regular daily routines – it’s too much to go to fully foraged food, and in fact I actually take part in the act of foraging as a way to connect with nature rather than a necessity for food stuffs.

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