KS2/3 – Secondary School

Here at Schola Foris it’s our firm belief that everything that’s learnt indoors can also be learnt outdoors with all of the added benefits of simply being outside (apart from maybe how to sit still and silently in a confined space). in fact our name Schola Foris is actually latin for school out of doors and that pretty much sums us up.

Taking the curriculum outdoors

We believe any area of any subject, with a few amendments, can be taken outdoors, so why not challenge us to take part of your curriculum outdoors – we’re certain we can do it!

How about:

  • Building trebuchets, dens and pulley systems as part of physics, mathematics and DT
  • Whittling wood, using the manual pole lathe and shave horse as part of wood working
  • Telling ghost stories around a camp fire as part of English language
  • Digging Clay and making pots as part of geography
  • Learning how chemicals change the colours of berries to make tasty paintings as part of chemistry and art
  • Looking through owl pellets as part of biology
  • Taking our assault course challenge as part of PE
  • Give us the challenge to come up with a lesson that fits with your subject area!

  • Forest School Programme

    We’ve recently written up a 10 week introduction to forest school programme that we’re really proud of, it involves learning a whole range of outdoor skills and can act as an accredited course itself, giving your students a new qualification. Please click this link to find out more:

    10 week forest school programme

    To inquire, challenge us or find out more please email:
    or call: 01625 573 086