EYFS: the early years

The Early Years Foundation Framework

Schola Foris supports all 7 areas of learning in the EYFS framework.

Where we can add value to your offering?

Communication and Language:

  • Developing conversational skills in a practical context
  • Encouraging social talk such as negotiation and planning

Physical Development:

  • Developing gross motor skills through running, climbing, lifting, rolling
  • Developing fine motor skills through tool use, craft activities and knot tying

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

  • Gaining confidence by trying new activities and gaining new skills: including “high risk” activities, eg. using tools and cooking on fires
  • Opportunities for teamwork and development of social skills through working together to create something


  • Developing vocabulary specific to the natural world
  • Great potential for role play and story telling, particularly for traditional tales


  • Opportunities for counting and calculating various materials and resources especially in games
  • Problem solving activities: measuring using sticks, sorting  with leaves

Understanding the world:

  • Encouraging exploration using all the senses. Observations, discussions and questioning the natural environment
  • Opportunities for construction using real tools and equipment

Expressive Art and Design:

  • Creating music using different natural resources and tools. Exploring songs, rhymes and chants and making instruments
  • Exploring colours and textures in nature, creating land art and smaller items using natural plants and dyes

And how do we do that?

Well, including, but not limited to:

Play hide and seek, go on nature walks, play on the adventure trail, tasty paint, build fairy houses, put mud faces on trees, clap and sing round the fire, use vegetable peelers to whittle, collect leaves and sticks and flowers to create beautiful art, lift up logs and search for bugs, play games about animals, dress up, sing, do makey-up stories, play in the mud kitchen.

All manner of creative, natural, magical and memorable ways of engaging your youngest learners in ways which specifically support your current learning in school. And in a way that supports well being, improved self confidence and self esteem…removing some barriers to learning!

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