Curriculum Enrichment

Extending your teaching and learning outdoors

Based on forest school principles, but mindful that schools may not be in a position to offer a full forest school programme, an enrichment day in the woods will get children, young people, and their teachers out in the fresh air, being creative, in a woodland environment, sharing and learning together and letting off some steam, all whilst supporting and extending their classroom learning.

With thoughtfully planned springboards for play and learning, these woodland days can be linked to a curriculum theme, can support a literacy focus, develop role play, offer opportunities for investigative science and environmental work at all ages.

We have much experience in delivering such days with a variety of schools from Early Years Settings through to post 16 studies, with very positive outcomes. We relish the challenge of devising a day or series of sessions which enhance student learning, whilst providing opportunities to develop collaborative working and problem solving.

Our full days in the woods can include a camp fire lunch…. but always include toasted marshmallows!

For specific details have a look at the KeyStage page and our Early Years information.

If you would like to discuss a day out in woods, then please email or telephone.