Paper Making – with grasses and leaves
Apr 12 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Paper SamplesJoin us today and learn the art of making paper.

We will be making a whole range of papers from various leaves, grasses and plant based fibres that can found around the wood. The sessions will involve a forage for fibres and will include everything from fibre harvesting to preperation, pulling and the adorning of your very own sheets of paper.

We will also learn how to make an alkali from wood ash, historically used for everything from washing clothes in to making soap – The true test is whether an egg will float in the liquid or not..

Dress up your unique paper with flowers, or grass words – perfect for writing special one off letters and cards to those you truly care about.

This session is perfect for all hoping to learn more about paper including families, individuals and groups.

Paint making – plants, fungi and insects
Jul 13 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Brazil wood Pigment Join us to learn the history of pigment and paint making, how to make your own pigments and paints, incl mineral, organic, plant and animal based colours.

We will all make a 60 micron sieve to take home allowing you to continue your journey into paint making at your leisure.

We will extract colours, mordant and lake them in to pigments – where we will then turn them in to various types of paint incl egg tempra, milk paint and water colours.

This hands on session really opens your eyes to the other possibilities for utilising wild plants apart from just food.

Wild teas, tisanes and tonics
Jul 26 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Wild teasJoin us to learn more about wild and foraged ingredients and how they can be utilised within various beverages. During our fun filled day we will ID various wild plants, we will discuss how they can be used within various drinks and will taste a range of drinks. On this course we will also cover how to brew your own delicious wild fermented concoctions. We aim to get everyone who joins us for a wild drinks session to try something new and take something home to share with whoever they wish. A truly inspirational and grounding experience.

Expect to try, not exclusively, elderflower champagne, roasted dandelion root coffee, various herbal teas, beech leaf noyai liquor, blackberry whiskey and others. Expect to take home – one bottle of wild brewed wine and beer. We’ll give you the skill and knowledge to continue wild brewery at your own leisure. This course is great for anyone interested in sustainability, wild food, utilising what nature’s given us, brewing or just drinking the focus is on all drinks incl non-alcohol. This course can also be re-formatted for wonderful and adventurous adult parties.

Wild Fungi Forage
Oct 19 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

A Mushroom Hunt

This Fungi Forage will be led by expert mushroom forager Jesper Launder, we will meet at an undisclosed site in goyt valley, in between Cheshire and Derbyshire (one of the car parks, we will let you know by email closer to the time), where there is an amazing array of wild fungi to search for, discover, uncover and learn about. As well as learning about mushrooms we will be teaching you varying techniques for identifying mushrooms safely, how to pick and process mushrooms for medicine, art and food. At the end of this session we will cook up something special and we can all share the days collection and fruits through our taste buds. This may be a risotto, some peculiar mushroom sweets or mushroom tea – or all of them haha!!
jespers mushrooms

In-Depth Paper Making
Oct 25 @ 10:00 am – Oct 26 @ 3:00 pm

Paper SamplesSession will run 10-15:00 on both days,

During this in-depth session we will learn the history of paper making from collection of material through processing and to making and using our own papers. We will look in detail at the equipment used to make paper and will all design and make our own deckle and moulds, which you can take home with you. We will look at the potential for using wild and natural dyes to colour your paper pulps and papers. As well as techniques used historically, in modern production and from the wild for sizing paper, or making paper suitable for watercolour works. Giving you all the in-depth knowledge and tools to make your own unique papers whenever you feel inspired to do so.