Wood Sorrel Recipe

As part of our wild food fest we’re letting you access a number of the wild food recipes we sometimes use from home, so you can use them as you like.

Click the link below to discover how to make Wood Sorrel and Buttercream to make a lovely lemony Icing:

Wood Sorrel and Buttercream Icing

A Willow Dome

In this project, with children from year 5 and year 6 we started by measuring out the circle for the dome, and parallel lines for the tunnel. We measured the spacings for the willow holes accurately and worked out how many willow withies we would need of each colour variety. We divided jobs between making […]

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Free Wild Food Recipe – Garlic Mustard pesto

So I’ve decided to upload a couple of our wild food recipes for free, as people keep asking about them during sessions.. so here’s the first one garlic mustard pesto (jack by the hedge), now I know most garlic mustard is too mature now to use but this plant tends to have a second coming […]

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Wild Food Week – reflecting

okay, I realise the wild food week was quite a while ago now but it’s definitely worth giving an update.. So the first 2 days seemed quite easy, and then I really struggled – I think it was because I was still working full time (which is typically 12 hour days) and didn’t have enough […]

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Wild Food Week

James Wood, who will be running our wild food fest events, will be eating totally wild food for the next week. Allowing him to get a greater understanding of the wild food in and around our site, he will let us know how he feels at the end of the week, what he’s been eating […]

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Forest Learning Assistant jobs available nationwide

Job Title:                      Local Forest Learning Assistant      Start Date: 27th May 2014 Interview Date: 22nd April 2014 (Sheffield) Closing date for Applications: 15th April 2014     Job Description To assist in the delivery a range of forest learning activities to a variety of client groups, To deliver other types of less formal learning activities : […]

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Forest Learning Leader positions available countrywide

Job Title:                      Local Forest Learning Leader           Start Date: 27th May 2014 Interviews: 17th April 2014 – Sheffield Last date for applications: 14th April 2014   Job Description To deliver a range of forest learning activities to a variety of client groups, To deliver other types of less formal learning activities : family events, woodland birthday […]

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Forestry Commission announces new Learning Partners

Forestry Commission England announces results of national tender for learning providers Forestry Commission England has announced that it will be working in partnership with three organisations to deliver its national learning strategy at nine locations across England. SFA, a community interest company formed by two renowned environmental education providers – Schola Foris and Archimedes – […]

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Exciting Job Opportunities across England

    Job Opportunities (Start Date 27th May 2014) Local Forest Learning Leader (several locations) 7 positions available Initial “as &when”  (Zero hours contract) for an initial 12 month fixed term contract with potential for further 2 year fixed full time contract (37.5 hours per week) at full time annual salary of  £20,000 Local Forest […]

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Welcome to the new website

We’re currently nurturing our new blog. Have a look around and come back soon!

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